The Inteleos Foundation:

The goal of the Inteleos Foundation is to assure patients around the world to have access to quality healthcare from providers with validated knowledge, skills, and abilities. For over 45+ years, the Inteleos family of non-profit organizations has been committed to cultivating a global community of medical professionals committed to the highest standards in healthcare.

To gain a better perspective of the history of the Inteleos Foundation, see full timeline.

The Inteleos Foundation is a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is to secure partners and sources of funding to support the Mission of Inteleos to improve global patient safety.

The Inteleos Foundation logo exemplifies the ideals of Inteleos and its family of Certification Councils. As with all Inteleos logos, the orange circle in the center signifies the patient. The dark blue dots embody medical professionals, and the light blue dots signify the organizations that work collaboratively with the Foundation.

These individual elements, brought together in the globular Foundation logo, portray community, inclusivity, and that collectively we can make a beautiful mark on the world.

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The Foundation currently exists as “Inteleos Ultrasound Foundation” but the name is in the process of changing to “Inteleos Foundation.” To alleviate confusion, all documents will refer to “Inteleos Foundation”.