The Inteleos Foundation:

The Inteleos Foundation is a 501(C)(3) organization whose mission is to secure partners and sources of funding to support the Mission of Inteleos to improve global patient safety.

The Foundation currently exists as “Inteleos Ultrasound Foundation” but the name is in the process of changing to “Inteleos Foundation.” To alleviate confusion, all documents will refer to “Inteleos Foundation”

The Inteleos Foundation directly supports the mission of Inteleos ensuring future programs will meet the needs of our stakeholders in an ever-changing global healthcare environment:

  • Serving as a global model for the setting of ultrasound standards
  • Providing education and training for practitioners
  • Verifying and certifying proficiency by examination
  • Creating ultrasound educational modules for midwives in low resource environments
  • Certifying over 150,000 health practitioners for ultrasound in over 100 countries
  • Developing localized assessments for providers in Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Mexico
  • Traveling to Haiti to train ultrasound practitioners how to proficiently use point-of care ultrasound
  • Building relationships with ultrasound manufacturers and distributors who are interested in improving patient outcomes globally
  • Cultivating relationships with local governments around the world

Who is Inteleos?