The History & Vision of the Inteleos Foundation:

Although the Inteleos Foundation is new, the groundwork for this up-and-coming charitable body was started in 1975. It was 45+ years ago that the American Registry for Diagnostic medical Sonography (ARDMS) was established. Fast forward to today and the ARDMS roots have flourished into the Inteleos family of internationally recognized and respected non-profit organizations with over 120,000 affiliated medical professionals representing 70 countries. Our strength comes from our shared and enduring belief that global health is dramatically improved when medical professionals have verifiable

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The Inteleos Foundation, established in 2020, will accelerate the expansion of the mission-driven work of Inteleos ARDMS, APCA and the POCUS Certification Academy. Other organizations and groups that share in Inteleos goals for healthier world are also encouraged to seek funding and support through the Inteleos Foundation.