We drive initiatives that aim to improve global healthcare through ultrasound education, innovation, and research.

Global Ambassadors

Social Enterprise is one of our key focuses

Our Ambassadors are leaders in global health and champions of ultrasound, dedicated to improving their own communities by creating strategy, cultivating resources, and conducting outreach.

Program Goals

The purpose of the Global Ambassador Program is to engage local leaders in under-resourced environments to foster a network of entrepreneurs who focus on designing projects to advance health outcomes in their communities, both locally and nationally.

Grand Challenges

Coordinating a multi-industry approach to achieving ultrasound proficiency

The Inteleos Foundation is focused on addressing disparities in global healthcare through collaboration and coordination of the public and private sectors.

Our Current Grand Challenge in Kenya

The Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge is targeting maternal fetal health in Kenya due to the high maternal mortality rates, which stand at 342 deaths per 100,000 births, representing approximately 0.02% of the female population. Our strategy is to to develop a specialized curriculum designed to train and equip skilled birth attendants and clinical officers with ultrasound in both rural and urban environments, which will be driven by local clinical leadership in Kenya. This training will help in reducing the daily death toll and work towards the goal of decreasing maternal and fetal morbidity by 10% within five years.


Increasing access to training & certification

We aim to remove barriers and expand the practice of ultrasound in every nation by offering financial aid to clinicians who need assistance.

The Inteleos Foundation offers four types of scholarships:

  • Educational Conference
    • Ultrasound Training Course
      • Ultrasound Certification
        • Full Career Scholarship
        • In 2022

          The Inteleos Foundation is proud to have provided scholarships to POCUS practitioners from around the world.

          Ultrasound Missions

          Teaming up with organizations to change their healthcare practice through access to imaging


          The Inteleos Foundation offers modest grants to healthcare organizations around the globe who have identified the need for POCUS integration. The annual application cycle opens in January and projects are selected in April each year.

          Past Projects Include:

          • 2022: Maya Health Alliance
            • 2021: MedGlobal and Global Ultrasound Institute
              • 2020: Médecins Sans Frontières | Doctors Without Borders
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                Your generosity makes a difference by helping medical professionals improve their practice and treat their patients.

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