Our strength comes from our shared and enduring belief in real world learning for real life health.

We create impact through emphasis on:

Local Subject Matter Expertise

Meeting community-specific needs and increasing sustainability by training local experts.

Access to Education

Educating practitioners in the use of diagnostic ultrasound devices leads to more accurate diagnoses and successful pathways of care.

Workforce Development

Creating additional personal and clinical practice opportunities for career growth

Patient-centered care

More efficient diagnosis leads to more effective pathway to care, enabling a collaborative care team to focus on the patient


By working with subject matter experts in their own communities, we create sustainable models that lead to better patient care, resulting in positive economic outcomes for healthcare institutions and local communities.

Delivering transformational changes in targeted geographies

The Inteleos Foundation partners with community stakeholders to leverage funding and resources to serve the needs of marginalized countries and regions. Together, we positively impact Global Health with transformational change.

We believe in healthcare certification

We are committed to developing healthcare professional certification programs because certification is inherently valuable to these individuals.

In a 2019 survey through ICE, respondents said:


believed that certification was valuable in their profession


felt that certification increased their professional confidence


stated that certification provided them specialized knowledge


believed that certification increased their knowledge beyond job experience


felt that certification helped prepare them for their profession

The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) Value of Certification survey, “Benefits of Credentialing.” – 2019

How can you help?

Your generosity makes a difference by helping medical professionals improve their practice and treat their patients.

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