Our Mission

The Inteleos Foundation will engage partners and secure sources of funding to support innovation in technology and assessments to improve global health programs.

Are you aware of the healthcare disparities around the world?

We are on a mission to spur transformational changes in medical imaging certification that will positively impact global health.

2 Mill

The number of stillbirths suffered annually around the world, mostly in Africa, South Asian countries, and the Middle East.


The average daily number of women who died from preventable causes related to pregnancy or childbirth in 2017.

2.4 mill

Globally 2.4 million infants died in their first month of life in 2019 (6,700 per day).

*UNICEF https://data.unicef.org/topic/child-survival/stillbirths/

Areas of focus

The Inteleos Foundation brings together local and global partners to meet the needs of underserved countries and regions, drive transformational change, and improve healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations.

How can you help?

Your generosity supports our efforts and helps to make a difference in the lives of patients all around the world.