Welcome to the Inteleos Foundation at the World Health Summit

In your quest to transform global health, you’ve found a like-minded partner in us at the Inteleos Foundation. We’re a passionate group of advocates, deeply committed to ensuring that every patient has equitable access to medical imaging, no matter where they are.

We work hand in hand with clinicians across nations, amplifying their capabilities with consistent education, training, and certification. Together, we boost healthcare outcomes and empower both patients and providers. That’s our proximity to the heartbeat of global health transformation.

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What If...

Every under-resourced nation had access to ultrasound technology and education.

Better Training. Better Outcomes

At the Inteleos Foundation, we believe in Equitable Access to Medical Imaging

For Every Patient

For Every Clinician

In Every Nation

With your help, we can improve global health by making education,
training, and certification consistent for medical practitioners.

The History & Vision

Our journey began in 1975 with the establishment of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Fast forward to now, our roots have blossomed into an international family of revered, non-profit organizations. We take pride in our network of over 120,000 dedicated medical professionals from 70 countries worldwide.

Our mission is clear and urgent. We strive to enhance healthcare equity by ensuring every medical ultrasound practitioner is proficient in using medical imaging technology. This aim is critical, as only 17% of mothers in low-income countries receive basic maternal and fetal health interventions*. You can help us change this.


Areas of focus

The Inteleos Foundation brings together local and global partners to meet the needs of underserved countries and regions, drive transformational change, and improve healthcare outcomes for vulnerable populations.

Areas of impact

We partner with communities around the globe to create a positive impact for transformational changes in global health.

How can you help?

Your generosity makes a difference by helping medical professionals improve their practice and treat their patients.

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