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Patient safety is at risk. Access to ultrasound devices is rapidly outpacing education and training, particularly in under-resourced nations where healthcare providers are not uniformly certified. We seek to raise funds to support ultrasound education and training, so patients in any country are assured that providers know how to use ultrasound to its full advantage.

Handheld ultrasound units can be critical time savers in early diagnosis and provide opportunities for more accurate patient treatment plans. We are finding that lung ultrasound is helpful in diagnosing and triaging treatment for COVID-19, and it can be conducted at the bedside so fewer healthcare workers are exposed to potential infection.

Why Ultrasound:

Handheld ultrasound, which can be quickly and inexpensively used at the bedside of patients, has the potential to replace other more traditional diagnostic methods. With the rapid decline in costs for new handheld ultrasound units, the adoption of this diagnosis equipment is exploding globally. Our goal is to ensure every user is an educated and validated user.

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