The Inteleos Foundation supports initiatives that aim to improve healthcare and patient and clinician safety through certifications, education, training, and standards.

  • Global Healthcare Improvement
  • Scholarships to increase access to education and training
  • Workplace Safety
  • Mission-driven work for the Inteleos family of brands (ARDMS, APCA, and PCA)
Current Programs Supported Program Goals Location of Work
Ultrasound Proficiency Grand Challenge: Give midwives in resource-limited areas access to education, training, and certification in the proficient use of ultrasound.
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By 2030, every user of medical ultrasound around the world will be proficient and certified, ensuring patient safety and increasing equity in healthcare.

This program supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3: To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

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Global Community of Ultrasound Professionals


  • Grenada
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Indonesia
  • North America
Award scholarships for clinicians to access education, training, and certification.
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The Inteleos Foundation is proud to have provided scholarships to ten POCUS practitioners from around the world: South Africa, Botswana, Palestine-Gaza, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, Yemen, Myanmar, and Nigeria to attend the POCUS World Global virtual conference.

Expand the knowledge and learning about point-of-care ultrasound to medical professionals from under-represented areas so they may bring an elevated level of care to their patients.

Open to the Global Medical Community – preference given to students and clinicians from lower resource communities.
Stop ultrasound professionals from getting injured on-the-job.
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Many sonographers, physicians, and other medical professionals perform ultrasound scans in pain from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSD). This limits their ability to live fruitful lives and care for patients. This alliance of leading ultrasound organizations is working to end WRMSDs. Global Community of Ultrasound Professionals – Sonographers, Physicians and Others.
Programs offered by ARDMS, APCA and the Point of Care Ultrasound Certification Academy.
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The Inteleos Foundation actively supports the mission driven work of its founding organization, Inteleos, and the non-profit family of certification Councils that include ARDMS, APCA and the Point of Care Ultrasound Certification Academy. Together, these Councils represent more than 120,000 medical professionals worldwide and create the global standards of excellence in healthcare. 70+ Countries