At the Inteleos Foundation,

we believe in

Equitable Access

to Medical Imaging

for every patient,

from every clinician,

in every nation.

The History & Vision

The groundwork for this charitable body was laid in 1975 when the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) was established.

Fast forward to today and the ARDMS roots have flourished into the Inteleos family of internationally recognized and respected non-profit organizations with more than 120,000 affiliated medical professionals representing 70 countries.

We can improve global health by making education, training, and certification consistent for medical practitioners.

Increased proficiency in medical imaging leads to better diagnostic capabilities, greater outcomes in healthcare, and empowerment of patients and providers.

Currently, only 17% of mothers received basic maternal and fetal health interventions in low-income countries. If we achieve our goals, by 2030 every medical ultrasound practitioner in the world will be certified as proficient in the use of use medical imaging technology, improving patient outcomes and increasing healthcare equity.


We provide access to education and training.

Educating medical providers to use diagnostic ultrasound devices improves diagnostic accuracy and leads to more effective pathways of care.

Join us in creating a world where everyone has access to high quality healthcare delivered by providers who have demonstrated their proficiency.

Areas of impact

We partner with communities around the globe to create positive impact for transformational changes in global health.

How can you help?

Your generosity makes a difference by helping medical professionals improve their practice and treat their patients.

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